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Ensuring the safety of high-quality grain and its products - a task which is of great importance in all countries of the world.

One of the main ways of solving this problem is the construction of new and reconstruction of existing silos taking into account advances in science and technology in the field of grain storage. Granaries should be designed using the latest technology, equipped with modern high-performance equipment, a high degree of mechanization and automation of production processes. By the way, we also produce metal we silos for grain storage capacity should match the needs of the area, the economy, which assumes its construction. Finally, the design, construction, reconstruction of the silos should be conducted with a minimum of resources and their exploitation - provide the shortest payback period of capital investment.

A competent selection of a contractor for the design and construction of the grain complex - is one of the key decisions.

After designing a grain warehouse, elevator or undertaking which carries out the processing and storage of grain, it requires some knowledge of the specifics of the industry, which will enable to choose the best approach for the project and to take into account the necessary parts of the process of the organization. Ltd. & quot; CAS & quot; executes and controls the entire cycle of design work, as well as agreed with the customer the necessary tasks for each individual complex. The experience and professionalism of our specialists means multiplies customers and saves them time. The basis of our development - a cutting-edge, and the experience of the domestic and the world's leading companies in the field of transportation, storage and refining of grain