Ensuring quality preservation of grain and its products is a task of great importance in all countries of the world.

One of the main ways to solve this problem is the construction of new and reconstruction of existing grain storage facilities taking into account the achievements of science and technology in the field of grain storage. Grain storage facilities should be designed with the use of the latest technologies, equipped with modern highly efficient equipment, have a high degree of mechanization and automation of production processes. Designing, construction, reconstruction of granaries should be carried out with minimum cost of money, and their operation - to provide the shortest possible return on capital investment.

Competent choice of a contractor for designing a grain storage complex is one of the key solutions.


SSS LLC carries out and controls the entire cycle of design works taking into account all the needs of the Customer and the specifics of the construction site, starting from the preparation of technical task for construction and ending with support during the examination of the project.