Bucket Belt / Chain Elevators

Bucket elevator is meant for operation within technological process with continuous running duty both indoors and out of doors at mills, combined feed-processing and other grain-processing plants as well at grain storage barns. 
Elevator is used for transportation of dust-type cargos and granular bulk cargoes in vertical direction from the starting point to final point without interim loading and unloading.

LLC “CCC” Elevators Specifications


- belt

- chain

Capacity, t/h

up to 1 000 t/h

Complete set (options):

Type of drive:

- without driving gear;

- motor gear with hollow-shaft;

- motor gear + flexible connector;

- motor + reducing gear + belt transmission;

- explosion-proof design

Manufacturer of driving unit:

- STM S.p.a. (Italy);

- SEW-EURODRIVE (Germany);

- NORD (Germany);

- MOTOVARIO (Italy);

- TRAMEC (Italy);

- Bonfiglioli (Italy);

Bearing units:

- NSK;

- SNR;


Anticorrosion protection:

- prime coat + enamel;

- galvanized steel;

- stainless steel

Elevator belt (band)

- BKNL-65;

- TK-200;

- Muller Beltex (Netherlands) belts

Bucket material:

- structural steel;

- reinforced steel;

- polymer

Belt-tensioning pulley (drum):

- solid;

- raddle-type (squirrel wheel type)


- aspiration sleeves;

- spot filters of own design;

Lining of loading/unloading areas:

- polyurethane;

- steel Hardox 450

Availability of switches:

bearing, rotation rates, run-off switches


- transparent observation holes;

- elevator boot of self-cleaning design;

- elevator loading adjustment valves;

- adapter sleeve at elevator head for self-flowing equipment;

- additional loading toe-cap;

- explosion relieving screens;

- frequency converter;

- additional service drive (for bucket assembling)


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