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Aerial Bucket Elevators

The elevator is self-supporting ladle is designed for operation in the flow chart process with continuous mode of operation both indoors and outdoors on the mills, feed and other grain processing enterprises and granaries. The elevator is used to transport granular and powdered bulk goods in the vertical direction from the initial to the final destination, without intermediate loading and unloading. Buy noriyu tape can be self-supporting in the company « CCC ».

Noria sets of equipment imported products and is equipped with Explosion panels. Boot socks and unloading pipes are made for each customer individually. Available as a metal or a polymer buckets. Drive drum elevator runs the lined for better grip tape and to prevent slippage. Elevators capacity of more than 50t / h are equipped with a self-activating braking devices. Sensors backwater, speed, descent and break the tape – on request.


bucket and belt bucket elevator in Ukraine


Elevators, or as they are called, the elevators are an indispensable part of the processes of cleaning and drying of grain. This conveyor bucket elevator is widely used in the preparation of crops for storage in silos or storage silos for grain storage.


The company « CCC » manufactures and delivers to customers a high-tech and safe in terms of environmental equipment. Using components in the production of domestic and foreign companies that have already proven themselves to be reliable partners, we offer only quality products. A solid professional experience of our employees and the application of its own production facilities allows us not only to fulfill orders as soon as possible, but also reduce their cost. So here you can always buy noriyu or screw conveyor affordable and fully meets the needs of your production.


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In addition to manufacturing, we perform services delivery and installation of equipment, as well as provide its guarantee and after sales service. If you need a bucket and belt bucket elevator, our specialists are ready to design it to order. Such units are equipped with automatic braking systems, thereby preventing retraction of tape, and the sensors and the speed of descent. Due to the continuity of the machine processing of grain is placed on the stream.


Pelton Noria

Pelton bucket elevator has some significant advantages in the work. First, it provides a reduction in manual labor. Secondly, increased production capacity, since grain elevator passed sufficiently large quantities of grain. Third, there is a significant savings in time, which is also important for the manufacturer.


The elevator is self-supporting tape

The elevator belt is similar to the bucket and is used for vertical transport of grain and its processing products. Its main difference from the bucket embodiment consists in the fact that for the transport of bulk material on the belt is not fastened buckets and transverse profiles. Noria self-supporting tape used on agricultural enterprises to:

  • vertical movement of grain,
  • oilseeds,
  • animal feed and loose components.

However, it can be successfully operated in other industries for the transportation of bulk cargo, which on the physical and mechanical properties close to grain and its products.


Noria chain as a conveying means using a transport chain with buckets attached to it. The chain is stretched inside the housing unit. Grain paternoster lifts can be used to work in the heated and unheated areas with air temperatures from -40 ° C to 40 ° C with normal conditions of dust, as well as in open areas. If you need a ladle belt bucket elevator, the company OOO « CCC » . You can pick up the device with a lifting height which is needed in terms of your household.

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