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dampener stream

The absorber is designed to reduce the flow speed of the flow of bulk materials in a change in the direction of its motion in the gravity pipeline.

The absorber is a welded pivot design of sheet metal with the flow dividers inside. The ability to change the angle of installation of the absorber facilitates the installation and reduces the time of the meeting. After installing the damper requires no maintenance and can be installed in places with limited access.


dampers flow from Ukraine Ltd. « CCC »

The company « CCC » designs, manufactures and installs standard and custom equipment for grain processing branches of agriculture. Absorbers flow – the equipment for gentle transportation of grain products. They are particularly relevant for producers of corn, since this cereal is most susceptible to cracking in the process of loading. And it is a whole grain, without a fight and fracture, is an indicator of its quality.

Installing the damper afterwards does not require additional maintenance, so it can be carried out in areas with limited access. A possibility to change the angle of installation of the unit makes installation easier and faster.

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damper grain flow

damper grain flow – This welded structure with rotary flow dividers inside, made of sheet metal. It is installed in the center of the storage silo or in the silo gravity equipment. Zernoprodukt entering the installation, it is formed at a certain flow or layer. Walking at a constant rate through the pipe absorber, as it is filling the silo loads through the openings.

Make flow dampers at competitive prices we have!

LLC « CCC » offers to buy the flow dampers, or to order the production of the device according to the drawings of the client. Experts of the company will do all the calculations, perform design work. Production of devices is carried out on the equipment, and the state enterprise employees with years of experience. This allows you to produce high quality products in the shortest possible time and implement it at the most affordable prices for the consumer.


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