Our partners

Company SSS is pleased to present its partner SiloMasters company (Spain), a manufacturer of metal silos for grain storage on a flat and conical bottom.

SiloMasters (Spain) was founded by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the production of steel silos for grain storage. They have 50 years of experience in implementing projects, working with Customers and the latest technical developments.

With all this, SiloMaster has created a new range of silos, achieving a perfect balance between quality and cost. The use of first order materials together with an exclusive and innovative design, give our silos and accessories a resistance and durability difficult to overcome by other existing products in the market, without forgetting factors as important as the ease of assembly and of a lower logistic cost. 

Production structure:

·        Production areas of 34,500 m², an area of 18,350 m² is closed

·        48 highly qualified employees

·        Own educational and training base for staff training (welders, operators, etc.) 

·        Vertical integration of technologies, including assembly.

·        “SAP" and "Safe Production" system in the direction of "Industry 4.0”

·     Quality system: the system of effective product quality planning (APQP) is implemented: management systems are certified according to the following standards: ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - EN 1090 EXC1 -EN 15085

SSS company offers:

·   Technical consultations on silos’ parameters and their accessories, coordination of the technical task with the possibility of coming to the project site and taking measurements for further study;

·       Development of design technological solutions; 

·       Preparation of technical and commercial proposals;

·       Complex supply of SiloMasters silos;

·       Installation, supervision and commissioning of silos and accessories;

·       Training of the Customer’ personnel to work with the equipment and to service it;

·       Service maintenance 24/7.