flow dividers

flow dividers designed for separating particulate product in two equal parts in order to improve the uniformity of the working load by installing and fixing the intermediate slide divider body holding device.

Flow dividers grain in Ukraine

Flow dividers are used to separate the incoming flow of bulk products into two equal by interim fix the position of the clipping device.

LLC « CCC » specializes in the design and manufacture of various types of equipment to meet the needs of enterprises for the processing and storage of crops. You can buy flow dividers, with increased reliability and simplified design different divider.

The principle of flow dividers

The principle of operation is quite simple dividers. The bulk material strikes the divider rocker, which consists of two interconnected trays and then falls into a grain storage silos. The trays are placed on a course of movement of grain in the output nozzles on a common horizontal axis.

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When a pulsating flow, when one of the trays is greater than the bulk material, the axis rotates the trays, and with it turned the center pin, which is then closed to the left or right track motor relay. There is a relay switch and start the motor. Next, the transmission-and-nut moves towards the diverging conduit pipe with a smaller flow rate of material. The amount of particulate material is aligned, the central contact again takes a strictly vertical position. His connection to one of the external contacts is interrupted and the motor is switched off.

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