Belt conveyors

Belt conveyor is a non-stop device of transportation with combined load-carrying and pulling mechanism in form of a closed flexible band. Along its full length the conveyer belt is supported by rollers and starts moving due to friction force between the belt and driving drum.
Belt conveyor consists of the following basic elements: conveyer belt, driving gear, body with supporting rollers, loading device and tensioning device. Also conveyers are equipped with belt catchers, cleaning mechanisms. Driving gear consists of an electric motor, reducing gear, joint sleeves and driving drums. Conveyer loading devices are designed in shape of a receiving cone with boards directing the cargo flow. Tension section is screw-shaped. At immobile conveyers the tensioning device of gravity type can be used.

Hermetic closed-type conveyer is used at premises in a dustproof design, and also for installation of the conveyer outdoors for protection from precipitations and operational product losses.

LLC “CCC” Belt Conveyors Details 


Type of conveyer:

- open belt-type

- covered belt-type

- reversal open/covered belt-type

Capacity, t/h

up to 1 000 t/h

 Complete set (options):

Type of drive:

- without driving gear

- motor gear with hollow-shaft

- motor gear + flexible connector

- motor + reducing gear + belt transmission

Manufacturers of driving unit:

- STM S.p.a. (Italy)


- NORD (Germany)


- TRAMEC (Italy)

- Bonfiglioli (Italy)

Bearing units:




Anticorrosion protection:

- prime coat + enamel

- galvanized steel

- stainless steel

Transportation belt:

- BKNL-65

- TK-200

- shevron-type

- with crimped board - food-type

- Muller Beltex  conveyer belts (Netherlands)

Availability of switches:

- bearing

- rotation rates - run-off switches

Conveyer inside bottom lining (for rollerless support of empty (return) belt):

- caprolon

- polyurethane

- steel Hardox 450

Lining of discharging sleeve:

- caprolon

- polyurethane

- steel Hardox 450


- spot filters of own design

- transparent observation holes at covered conveyer body

- availability of frequency converter

- drum scraping cleaners

- service platforms

- throw-off carriage for open belt conveyer

Anticorrosive protection:

-  prime coat + enamel

-  galvanized steel

-  stainless steel



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