Pendulum Valves Flip symmetric

shuttle valve designed to change the direction of flow of the product and its distribution in one of two directions. Rotary valve can be manually operated and electric. As the actuator is a worm gear motor, or in some cases the actuator consists of a reversible motor and a pair of « screw-nut » ;. Limit fixed valve position limit switches.

Design pendulum valves without a central shaft. This design prevents spillage of the product and eliminates the wear and shimming rotating parts. Input and output section valves can be carried out as a square or round. The standard valve has an angle of 45 ° ;. If necessary, the valve can be manufactured with a corner 27 ° ;, 36 ° or 54 °.

Changeover valves in Ukraine

changeover valves are an indispensable part of gravity pipelines transport systems, which are designed for the transport of grain and animal feed streams. Installing the rotary valve enables the switching of grain flows in elevators, bulk storage of grain production and grain processing enterprises on the other.

The valve rocker two-way

For two-way changeover valve changes the direction of flow of the loose product, and distributes it to one of two directions. There is also a one-way valve and three-way valves.

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LLC « CCC » manufactures different models of changeover valves, including valves symmetrical. All products are manufactured on the newest equipment that provides high accuracy, and further ease of assembly and installation.

Hand and electric butterfly valves

Toggle valves can be manual or electric control system, which is used as an electric worm geared motors. Standard valve design has corners 45 ° ;, but on request we can produce valves with pendulum flip angles 27, 36 and 54 degrees. Design shuttle valve with no central shaft is most convenient to use and easy maintenance.

pendulum valves are manufactured with input and output sections of two types: round and square. The customer can order the equipment valves quick manholes.

The clear advantage of using the changeover valves – improving and simplifying the loading and unloading of various types of grain products.

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