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Latches shut-roller grain

Slide Valve is designed to open and close the gravity pipe and release the product from the hoppers, silos and technological equipment.

By locking devices include valves with manual and electric drive, rack and screw,   roller and vane (gate moves along the guide), as well as non-standard multi-section   valves for receivers with a large area of ??the opening for the uniform release of product from   bunkers and pits logjam.   As an electric valve actuator is a motor-worm   reducer, or in some cases the actuator consisting of a motor and a pair of " screw-   Nut " ;. Limit position valves fixed limit switches. Manual valve standard   It is fitted with a steering wheel. If necessary, in places with limited access (such as a   shipping station by car or w / e) offer complete manual pulley bolt with round   chain.   This eliminates the need to   Additional   serving areas.  

Valve Conveyor  

The valve is intended for the production of grain and its processing products with a scraper conveyor and   set at intermediate or extreme discharge conveyor sections.   The valve can be manufactured with both manual and electric control. As the   the actuator is a worm gear motor. Limit position of electrical   valves   fixed limit switches. The design of the valve prevents the accumulation of the transported product   between the slide valve and the bottom of the conveyor. Valve located under the conveyor   the direction of travel of the product, and   has a minimum size, which reduces the area to service the valve, it is especially   important when designing nadsilosnyh galleries and places with limited access.


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