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Latches shut-roller grain

 The gates are meant for opening and closing of flow pipes and discharge of product from bunkers, storage tankers and processing facilities. Closing (locking) devices include: manual gate valves and electrically driven gate valves, rack and pinion gates, screw gates, roller and slide (sliding in a guide) gates, and also multi-section non-standard gates for receiving facilities with large opening area for uniform discharge of product from bunkers and intake pits. As an electric drive of eclectic valve serves a worm gear motor, or in some cases an activating mechanism consisting of an electric motor and screw drive. Limiting positions of the gate are fixed by final limit switches. Manual gate valve coming as standard is equipped with a hand wheel. If necessary at restricted access places (e.g., at stations of unloading to motor cars or railway carriages), we propose to complete a manual gate valve with a round-link chain pulley.  This removes the necessity to use additional service areas.

Sub-conveyer gate is meant for discharge of grain and its derivative products from drag conveyors and is installed at the interim or boundary discharge sections of a conveyer.

LLC “CCC”  Rack and Pinion Gates Specifications

Type of gate for bulk products:

- roller

- roller-free

Anticorrosive coating of body:

- prime coat + enamel

- galvanized metal

- stainless steel

Type of drive:

- manual

- customer’s drive end frame assembly

- gear-motor drive

- explosion-proof design of drive

Manufacturers of driving unit:

- STM S.p.a. (Italy)


Manufacturers of limit switch: 

- Schneider-electric (France)

- Lovato (Italy)

Details of construction:

- reinforced construction (for bin gates)

- polyurethane seal o valve gates

- lined valve gate of Hardox 450

- edged valve gate eliminating dust at operation

- completed with lined adapter sleeves

- any specific passage section



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