Steel structures

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Metal structures in Ukraine today are among the most reliable products from traditional materials. For the production of steel structures used stainless steel.

Depending on the scope and the technical requirements of metal can be of the following types:

  • welding

Company Ltd. « CCC » executes orders for metal construction in Ukraine, as well as producing their delivery and installation. The site of our company you can find a range of products. Our experts will make the construction of a metal of any complexity on standard or individual projects, will perform the delivery and installation of produce in a strictly specified time.

Online Ltd. « CCC » you can order metal for ready drawings. Or, our design engineers will perform in the drawings according to your requirements, then our specialists will produce necessary for the production of your metal.

All made us Metal has the following operational and technical characteristics:

  • durability and strength,
  • reliability,
  • transportability,,
  • Fast and easy erection,

Sure, they all provide metal structures immense popularity. And consumers have already appreciated the advantages, benefits and usability of metal structures. That is why the production and sale of these products is becoming more profitable. And if you need a chain conveyor — Please contact us!

At the same time it is growing and competition among enterprises-producers. Given the market conditions, our company attaches great importance to the introduction of new technologies, which largely depends on the success of production. The important role played by the presence of its own production base. Invaluable is the experience of our staff.

All of this allows us to provide the ideal conditions of production, to carry out any orders from the high quality and offer customers reasonable prices for our products.

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