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Rotary Valve with Polyurethane Rotor

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Rotary valves (feeders) are the solution for high quality cleaning of air from solid inclusions at enterprises. The customers are attracted with a simple construction of rotary valves, independent operation and reliable operation.

Operating organizations often face a number of problems during work with rotary valves of standard design:
  • - inadequate reliability of a sectional rotor;
  • - progressive increase of gaps between cast-iron housing and a rotor;
  • - uncounted air leaks.
Rotary-valve feeder with undue hermiticity will keep operating, but technical parameters of dusting system in whole will gradually get worsen. Finally the customer will have to perform repair or substitution of feeder.
However, the design itself of traditional and standard valves already has major shortcomings impossible to remove. It results in impossibility to keep hermiticity within long period of time, however these are functions they are meant for.
Rotary valves manufactured by LLC “CCC” have a polyurethane rotor without any shortcomings of standard valves and are designed to operate 24 hours a day. Polyurethane has a number properties required exactly for rotary valves:
  • - wearability;
  • - elasticity;
  • - durability;
  • - resistance to large size abrasives;
  • - initial distortion ability.

LLC “CCC” Rotary Valves Specifications 


Body design:

- steel 3

- steel HARDOX 450

Anticorrosive coating of body:

- prime coat + enamel

- stainless steel

Type of drive:

- gear-motor drive

- explosion-proof design of drive

Manufacturer of driving unit:

- STM S.p.a. (Italy)


Bearing units:




Design peculiarities:

- rotor bearing units

- complete set of lined adapter sleeves with transparent windows

- any non-standard opening

- explosion-proof design



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