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sluice gates

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The floodgates are used to transport loose and granulated products. It is indispensable equipment in production lines with the use of pneumatic and mechanical feed. Sluice gates installed as a mechanism for separating environments with normal and high blood pressure. This allows the material flow with minimal air leakage.


The scope of operation of the sluice gates is varied. Due to the simplicity and reliability of the design of their active use in many manufacturing and processing industries. But most rotary valves are used at the enterprises of grain processing and milling industry, which uses air separation and transportation of the product.

Where to buy the sluice gate

LLC « CCC » offers to buy the sluice gate the desired modification. Also we can buy a belt conveyor. We manufacture equipment for individual needs, taking into account the properties of the transported material. When the blades of the rotary mechanism in accordance with the tasks performed can be equipped with protective inserts of different materials.

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Installation of sluice gates

The company's specialists also produce assembly gateway equipment. When installing the shutter on the silo with a circular outlet pipe using a normalized version, wherein the boot upper flange has a circular shape. The most frequently used options – deflector for feeding granular products and display rotation.

As our company has its own latest production facilities, the proposed price of the sluice gate provides maximum availability. Also, you will appreciate the price of the valve for the grain, a cyclone battery and a screw conveyor.

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