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Screw Conveyers (Screws)

Screw conveyers are designed for horizontal and inclined transportation of pulverized, granular and fine materials. Screw conveyers can be manufactured both immobile and mobile, in a chute or in a tube, of pickling or pushing type. Immobile screw conveyers can be used as feeders, mixing facilities and volumetric measuring devices with enterprises of various branches of industry with capacity up to 100 t/h. Mobile conveyers are usually used at warehouses and at mechanized sites for loading of grain into motor cars and railway carriages.
A screw with solid surface of uniform cross-section serves as a pulling element of the screw conveyer. Removed end bearings prevent intrusion of product and dust. Pitch of screw is subject to variation depending on angle of slope of the conveyor and type of conveying load.  

LLC “CCC” Screw Conveyers Specifications 


Conveyer body type:

- trunk

- tube

Drive type:

- drive-free

- gear-motor drive + flexible connector

Manufacturers of driving unit: 

- STM S.p.a. (Italy)


- NORD (Germany)


- TRAMEC (Italy)

- Bonfiglioli (Italy)

Bearing units: 




Discharging pipe lining: 

- caprolon

- polyurethane

- steel Hardox 450

Anticorrosion protection:

- prime coat + enamel

- stainless steel

Availability of switches:

- bearing, of rotation rates


- cleanout hatches

- frequency converter



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