Point filter

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 Air pollution is an inevitable part of many production processes. To maintain the established sanitary standards of air purity, use aspiration processes. With their help, it is possible to effectively remove dust, dirt, fibers and other similar impurities. Aspiration is a suction, which is carried out by creating in the immediate vicinity of the source of contamination a region of low pressure. To create such systems, you need serious special knowledge and practical experience. Although the work of aspiration means is closely related to the functioning of ventilation systems, not every ventilation specialist will cope with the design and installation of this type of equipment. To achieve maximum efficiency, combined methods of ventilation and aspiration. The ventilation system in the production room must be supply and exhaust to ensure a constant supply of fresh air from the outside. Aspiration is widely used in such areas of industry as crushing, processing of cereals, processing of wood, manufacturing of consumer products and other processes, which are accompanied by the release of a large number of harmful substances.

LLC "" produces the following aspiration equipment:
- point filters;
- filter cyclones;
- cartridge filters, etc.

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