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Chain conveyors

Chain scraper conveyors are designed for horizontal and oblique displacement of well-flowing pulverized, granular and lumpy cargoes. The transport length is up to 50 m, the capacity of the conveyor is 2 t ... 1,000 t / h. The traction element is a sleeve-roller chain, to the outer plates of which are attached scrapers. The gear of the conveyor is reducer. The conveyor length, capacity, the number of unloading and pass-through sections and the angle of ascent are indicated while ordering. The length of the sections is 2 m.

All conveyors are equipped with gear locking devices in case if the chain is broken and the product is supported. The tensioning screw device is equipped with a movable rear wall, which repeats the contour of the movement of the scrapers and excludes the possibility of accumulation of the product behind the star. Sections with intermediate unloading are equipped with a conveyor bolt, the design of which prevents the accumulation of product between the gate and the bottom of the section.

Parameters of chain conveyors LLC «»

Conveyor type

- conveyor with submerged scrapers;

- conveyor with a double bottom;

- conveyor with a double trellised bottom;

- reversible conveyor;

- conveyor with a splitter under the pit

Productivity, t/h

Till 1 000 t\h

Conveyor execution:

1. Horizontal

2. Inclined

3. Inverted knee section

4. Double knee section

5. Knee section

Equipment (options):

Gear type

 - Without gear;

- motor-reducer with a hollow shaft;

- geared motor + flexible coupling;

- the motor + reducer + belt drive;

- explosion-proof design of the drive

Gear manufacturer

- STM S.p.a. (Italy);

- SEW-EURODRIVE (Germany);

- NORD (Germany);

- MOTOVARIO (Italy);

- TRAMEC (Italy);

- Bonfiglioli (Italy);

Bearing units

- NSK;

- SNR;


Corrosion protection

- primer + enamel;

- galvanized steel;

- stainless steel

Scraper material

- metal;

- metal with a polymeric overlay

Availability of sensors

- backstop, rotation speed, open circuit

Lining of the conveyor bottom

- caprolon;

- polyurethane;

- Steel Hardox 450

Lining of the side walls of the conveyor

- caprolon;

- polyurethane;

- Steel Hardox 450

Lining of discharge port

- caprolon;

- polyurethane;

- steel Hardox 450

For intermediate landings

- devices for stripping the chain from product penetration;

- availability of back scoops on the chain;

- Sub-conveyor latches with manual / el. gear


- point filters of own production;

- transparent hatches;

- availability of a frequency converter;

- availability of an additional service drive 

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