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Chain conveyors

Without scraper chain conveyors (conveyor) can not be either horizontal or inclined, to 15 ° ;, moving well loose granular, powdered and piece goods:

  • length transport up to 50 m,
  • Performance – 10 - 200 t / h.

This excellent performance, allowing to process products of grain processing enterprises, transportation galleries elevators and mills. Chain conveyor helps process the goods at receiving road and rail transport, major factories and other enterprises that are associated with the reception and processing of grains and malosemyan. Our range also has a conveyor belt.

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Company STS offers a chain conveyor at a bargain price

In addition, the conveyors can be used in other industries, transporting bulk cargoes, which have properties similar to the physical and mechanical properties of grain. The conveyor chain scraper, depending on the load and the length of the completed gearmotors. It serves as a traction element of the bush roller chain. To her outer plates attached scrapers.

The service conveyor easy as the installation. Ease give the introduction of new solutions in design and workmanship. For each section of the conveyor is given a set of pipelined latches that prevent the accumulation of cargo between the bottom and the gate. By the way, if you need a screw conveyor — He also we have available. Chain conveyor for grain continues to be one of the most reliable means of moving bulk cargo.

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