The flow distributor

The distributor is designed to change the direction of the flow of grain and its processing products with a single point load at one of the 4, 6 or 8 directions automatically.

Each flow distributor in Ukraine

The flow distributor of bulk materials for automatic dosing and distribution of a variety of bulk products: barley, wheat, soybeans, rapeseed, hops, animal feed, premixes, supplements, tobacco, tablets, pellets and the like – from one point of load of the 4, 6 or 8 selected directions.

Distributor grain

Multi-threaded distributor or distributor grain consists of two main components: rotary and drive. The bulk material of the conveyor belt for the grain enters the rotatable pipe through a branch pipe located at the top of the dispenser. In turn, the rotating tube transports the product toward the selected outlet port, and through which it is discharged from the distributor into the storage bin.

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The distribution pipe is moved by a motor with worm gear. Using the telescopic tube and the short-stroke cylinder is provided by dust proof sealing of the connection between the distributor and the outlet nozzle. Remains of product spill out of the pipeline, are sucked out of the housing through the suction connection is the distributor.

What types of flow distributor of bulk materials can be bought from us?

LLC « CCC » designs and sells grain flow valves with manual and automatic control. All devices are inside a special treatment that significantly reduces wear and thus increases the economic life of the equipment.

We can not just buy a distributor of grain, but also order its installation. The company guarantees high quality of the equipment and ensures its further maintenance.


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