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Vibrating bottom

Vibrating bottom in Ukraine or bin activator – This device in the form of an inverted cone that is used to facilitate the unloading of bulk, powder or granular materials. Due to the direction of vibration facilitated the process of unloading the materials from silos and bunkers. Ensure their uniform flow in transportation. The use of this device provides the optimum process of extracting the material, reducing the formation of congestion and freezes.

The company « CCC » offers not only buy Vibrating bottom at affordable prices, but also to carry out installation of the device to ensure reliable operation. Our experts have considerable practical experience in the installation of various equipment. You can also order the flow distributor of bulk materials. You, in particular, can see this by looking at the website of our projects. Construction vibrodnischa includes the following elements:

  • cone made of carbon steel or stainless steel,
  • deflector for the perception of load material,
  • seals of wear-resistant material
  • shock absorbers for connection silo and electric vibrators (one or two).

Before installing the lower part of the cone vibrodnischa previously cut off, and in its place is welded mating flange, which comes in the kit. With dampers cone suspended from the flange and the insert provides sealing therebetween, thus eliminating spillage and dusting of the product.

Installation vibrodnischa performed under a silo or a large hopper, which are self-flowing non-paged products. The upper part of the device is connected to the repository, and the lower part of the cone is driven to oscillate vibration motor. This facilitates uniform and continuous flow of product: flour, bran, concrete, steel and plastic materials. The most demanded application vibrodnisch composed zernohranilnyh, krupo- and milling facilities.

The company « CCC » not only sells ready vibrodnischa, but also accepts orders for manufacturing such units according to individual orders. All devices manufactured by our craftsmen have common characteristics of high quality and performance:

  • made of metal resistant to vibration;
  • has a smooth inner surface of the cover;
  • is equally easy to install under concrete and steel silos;
  • machine can inspect and repair the mechanical components even during operation;

Price Vibrating bottom offered by LTD « CCC », is absolutely optimal for companies.


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