Vibrating bottom

Vibrating bottom or bin activator is a device shaped as inverted cone which is used for easy unloading of bulk, powder and granular materials. Due to directional vibration the process of unloading of materials from storage tanks and bunkers is simplified. Their constant discharge to the transportation system is provided. The device is used for optimal process of material extraction, decreasing damming and hanging up effects.

Vibrating bottom construction includes the following elements:

  • - cone made of carbon or stainless steel,
  • - deflector for material load accommodation,
  • - sealing made of wear-resistant substance,
  • - dumpers for connection with a storage tank and electrical vibrators (one or several).

Before installation the lower part of the bunker cone is preliminary cut down, and instead of it a counter flange is welded onto it to be supplied complete with. By means of dumpers the cone is hung to the flange, and an insert element between them provides hermiticity, thus preventing spillage and dusting of the product.

Design Variants:


Inside lining

- without lining

- Hardox 450, S=6mm

- reinforced polyurethane, S=6mm

Lining of outlet fittings

- without lining

- Hardox 450, S=6mm

- reinforced polyurethane, S=6mm

Anticorrosive coating of body 

- prime coat + enamel

- galvanized metal

- stainless steel 



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