Self-flow equipment for grain

Gravity devices are widely used in enterprises for processing of grain storage, where it is impossible to use a screw conveyor For loading and unloading silos, bins, interconnect the various processing and conveying machines located at various levels. Gravity devices include downpipe and fittings.

Gravity pipes are made of round, square and rectangular sections. The latter may be removable head. Downpipe bandwidth depends on its cross-section and inclination angle. The cross section of the tube taken depending on the performance of flow-transport lines and type of cargo.

Shaped elements intended for the connection of branching, changes direction and the cross-section gravity tubes.

Gravity-fed equipment is made of sheet steel (1.5 ... 8 mm), flanges - from sheet, strip and angle steel.

Any gravity flow equipment in Ukraine

Samotechny equipment - a wide range of devices that are used to move grain products or bulk materials in silos for storing grain , Bins and other equipment for the purpose of storage or further transportation to the framework provided by the process.

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gravity system consists of a gravity pipe sectors, pipes, elbows, bushings, valves, flanges and valves. Gravity pipe on which there is a moving stream of grain or other bulk material is made of round, square and rectangular cross-section. Tubes with a rectangular cross section may have a removable bottom. Thus bandwidth gravity pipe depends on the cross section of the pipe and the angle of inclination.

Samotechny equipment for grain

All of gravity equipment diagram of a system configured in accordance with a specific project by a set of pipes (gravity) round or square section, elbows, sectors, transition fittings, single, double or balanced inputs and other items.

section procedure gravity equipment

We make all fittings, including gravity flow knee, which are designed for the connection of branching, as well as changing the direction of gravity, and the cross-section of pipes.

company "CCC» takes over the entire range of services, from design to commissioning of equipment gravity on your site.


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