Pendulum Valves Flip tripartite

Toggle valves are designed to change the direction of flow of the product and its distribution in one of three directions. Rotary valve can be manually operated or electrically. As the actuator are worm geared motors. Limit fixed valve position limit switches.

The design of the valve pendulum without the central shaft. This design prevents spillage of the product and eliminates the wear and shimming rotating parts. Input and output section of the valve can be carried out as a square or round. On request, the valves can be equipped with quick manholes. The standard valve has an angle of 45 °. If necessary, the valve can be made with corners 27 ° or 36 ° or 54 °.

Any three-way valves in Ukraine

LLC « CCC » develops and produces not only standard equipment but also produces a variety of custom designs, including valves constituents. In this area, it noted the positive experience of the manufacture of constituents lined changeover valves having a cross-section of 600x600 mm.

Our own production facilities allows the company to quickly carry out any orders, as proposed at the same price for different constituents valves are exclusively available to all customers.

Order and buy trilateral valves here you can:

  • by calling: (098) 432-98-90
  • writing:
  • or coming to us: Ukraine, Odessa, st. N. Borowski 31b

On the website of the company, you can always make an order for the design, manufacture and installation of any equipment, as well as to buy constituents changeover valve or two-way changeover valve.

Purpose valves constituents

Flip trilateral valves are designed to change the direction of flow of the bulk product and its distribution in one of three directions, for example, in different silos or drier.

What trilateral valves we offer

The company « CCC » manufactures valves standard version with ears 45 °. But if desired the valves can be made with the angles 27, 36 and 54 degrees. We also offer valves with manual or electric. The inlet and outlet section of the valve can be as square or circular. All equipment manufactured by the company are high quality, providing high-performance operation of enterprises for sorting and storage of grain products.


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