Pendulum Valves Flip-sided

changeover valve for changing the flow direction of the product and its distribution in one of two directions.

Toggle valves can be manually operated and electric. As the actuator is a worm gear motor, or in some cases the actuator consists of a reversible   an electric motor and a pair of " screw-nut " ;. Limit fixed valve position limit switches. Construction pendulum valves without a central shaft. This design prevents spillage of the product and eliminates the wear and shimming rotating parts. &Nbsp;   Input and output section valves can be   performed both square and round.   On request, the valves can be equipped with quick release     viewing   hatches. The standard valve has an angle of   45 About . &Nbsp; If necessary, the valve can be manufactured with an angle of 27 About  ,   36 About   or the 54 About .

Any unilateral changeover valves in Ukraine — we!

The valve changeover for grain intended to redirect gravity flow of grain and products of its processing in two directions in the vertical plane.

The company « CCC » accepts orders for manufacturing changeover valves of different design. The basic units of changeover valves – welded body, which is made of sheet steel, reversible valve and actuator. This design can be manually operated or to be equipped with electric drive (worm gear motor).

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manual valve actuator consists of a special lever, which is connected to a shaft damper. Changeover valve is equipped with electric limit switch and a box for connecting power and signal circuits. Make sure all connections have protection from the influence of the environment or unauthorized access.

Types changeover valves

  The design of the valves may be a flip-sided, double-sided, reversing valves and three-way valves, different angle, round and square. One-way rotary valve directs the flow of the grain down and away, two-way – respectively, the two sides evenly, a three-way – and down in both directions. Adjusting the motion of gravity flow of grain it is carried out through the use of slatted shutters.

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The company manufactures valves in accordance with the terms of the sales order. You can buy a changeover valve for grain according to the production needs of your company. This takes orders for delivery and installation of the ordered equipment.


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