Tanks for the storage of grain

LLC "CCC" provides a full range of services in building reliable, durable, comfortable and practical capacities for storage of crops. The company designs, manufactures, assembles, installs and services throughout the entire life of:

  • silos on the flat bottom;
  • silos, hoppers at the bottom of the cone;
  • operational silos.


Metal silos for temporary or long-term storage of cereals from "CCC" - an alternative to traditional reinforced concrete structures. The experience of agricultural enterprises planning to increase the volume of production or re-manufacturing facilities, shows that investing in grain construction metal containers are more profitable than the construction of prefabricated concrete silos of the standard.

Saving money. Solutions from "CCC" companies provide substantial savings, because we offer high quality products at reasonable prices. The costs of construction and operation of containers for grain, constructed by our projects, lower costs for the construction and upkeep The "classic" concrete silos.

Save time. Prefabricated silos of galvanized steel sheets and supporting steel structures are easy to install and high speed. Installation without welding and no need for staining to quickly establish and collect containers. Therefore, by calling the company "CCC" to the commissioning of a new grain silo or hopper promptly pass a minimum of time.

The reliability and durability. Tanks for the storage of crops, built on our technology, have good resistance to wind loads and high resistance to weathering. Galvanized all metal parts and panels careful sealing of joints and bolted joints provide protection against corrosion and ensure a long term operation of facilities.

Companies Symaga (Spain) and CSI (Turkey) -

technical solutions, components and materials from the world leaders in the construction of metal containers for storage of cereals are used in the company's work. In the design takes into account the individual characteristics of the enterprises-customers and customers' requests for equipment storage with additional equipment.

Order construction of silos for grain, find out the cost of the project at your request or receive additional information, please call (067) 58-58-036.


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