Gravitational transportation

The company "CCC" develops, manufactures and installs equipment for gravity transport of crops, their products and other materials with similar characteristics and properties of seeds, flour, animal feed, cement, bran, etc. in our catalog - a wide range of devices. for the transportation of bulk cargo by gravity, change of direction and flow distribution. The company produces on order:

  • Flip pendulum valves;
  • shut-off valves roller;
  • dividers, valves and dampers flow;
  • vibrodnischa (bunker activators);
  • downpipe round and square;
  • telescopic sleeves etc.

The equipment from the company "CCC" ensures optimum processes for the transportation of crops and their products. It promotes uniform and continuous flow of product by design, optimized for the transport of specific goods under certain conditions.

Gravity trucks manufactured by differ:

  • longevity - for the production of equipment used carbon steel, resistant to vibration and shock, corrosion-resistant alloys and seals of wear-resistant materials;
  • versatility - equipment to control and change the direction of gravity flow of grain and bulk cargo can be used in reinforced concrete and steel grain storage silos for the storage of bulk materials;
  • affordable price - products are "CCC" enables enterprises engaged in the storage and processing of grain, to save money without sacrificing quality and reliability
  • .

We accept orders for designing and manufacturing of process equipment for granaries, mills and grain elevators in complete sets, taking into account the individual characteristics of industries. The company develops and manufactures valves, gate valves and gravity transport intended for use in areas with an ambient temperature of -40 ° C to + 40 ° C and outdoor areas. The equipment can be easily integrated into existing production lines. Possible automation of production processes by connecting power and signal electrical circuits to control the devices.

To order the equipment that matches exactly the business needs of your company, please send us the completed questionnaire by entering the required specifications, or call (067) 58-58-036.

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