Cyclones single TSOL

  • Аспирационное оборудование от производителя
  • Качественное аспирационное оборудование
  • Надежное аспирационное оборудование
  • Высококачественное аспирационное оборудование
  • Надежное аспирационное оборудование от компании ССС
  • Фотография циклона аспирационного
  • Качественный аспирационный циклон
  • Надежный аспирационный циклон
  • аспирационное оборудование от компании ССС
  • Аспирационный циклон высокого качества
  • циклон аспирационный от ССС
  • Циклон аспирационный от производителя
  • Аспирационное оборудование в Украине
  • Фото аспирационного оборудования
  • Аспирационное оборудование от компании ССС
  • Аспирационный циклон от производителя
  • Фотография аспирационного циклона
  • Надежное оборудование аспирационное
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A centrifugal dust separator brand TSOL

marks TSOL dust separator designed to highlight major grain dust from the air coming from the suction network of grain elevators, mills, cereals and feed mill.

On request, a cyclone can be equipped with modular box or diffuser.

The dust separator can be packaged with a rotary valve assembly to the frame with a motor-gearbox and clutch, or with dust valve manual or electric. Frame height of the dust separator is determined by the customer and one for equipment.

Aspiration equipment in Ukraine

Cereal products on the elevator involved in various manufacturing operations, which are associated with the transport, handling, processing and storage. And at any stage in the process air reaches a huge amount of dust particles and contaminating fines, which can serve as a source of fire and explosion. To prevent dust emissions and abundant lowering the concentration of the grain of dust on the grain processing enterprises set suction equipment. It allows you to maintain the necessary level of purity of the process equipment and work areas granaries.

Aspiration, dedusting system or ventilation may include various types of ventilation and suction equipment.

Cyclone aspiration

So, suction cyclone is used for industrial cleaning from suspended dust fractions airflow that comes from the pneumatic network hlebopererabatyvayuschih and grain-enterprises in the transport and handling of grain and grain materials.

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Our proposals for aspiration equipment

LLC « CCC » produces dust separators can be completed in accordance with the wishes of customers. You can buy a suction equipment, which will be staffed according to your order.

We design and commissioning of various systems of aspiration: flow dividers, dust valve, without which the normal operation of enterprises grain processing industry. All types of equipment for aspiration, developed and implemented by our company are characterized by a high degree of purification of the air.

Make suction equipment with us!

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