Aspiration equipment

LLC "CCC" is engaged in the design and manufacture of suction equipment for cleaning the air from different kinds of dry, dust neslipayuscheysya undertakings engaged in the transport, handling, processing and storage of crops. The company produces:

  • centrifugal dust separators (cyclones);
  • Battery installation (multicyclones);
  • sluice gates.

dedusting plant produced by the company, effectively solve the problem of suction of agriculture silos. Multi-level air purification from large, medium and small dust particles, reducing the risk of an explosion of fine grain dust, provides fire safety and allows to support productions in the conditions necessary for comfortable working conditions and normal operation of the process equipment.

Dust separating units and the installation of production company "CCC" with high productivity and quality of air purification. Removal of fine dust fractions, and waste in material processing and the multi cyclone occurs due to the influence of the air flow and centrifugal forces. The compact size of the equipment allow the placement of dedusting system of ventilation in the cramped conditions of production shops, grain elevators and mills, installation of integrating into existing production lines for the transportation and treatment of loose and granular products.

The arguments in favor of the aspiration of our production equipment:

  • range of equipment includes a wide range of equipment, from small local exhaust systems to high-performance battery systems increased;
  • cyclones and multi from "CCC" of an affordable price, can significantly reduce the cost of equipping and modernization of grain-processing enterprises;
  • Our specialists carry out the installation and provide after-sales warranty and after sales service.

The dust separator equipped in accordance with the wishes of customers. To order the equipment, specifications and equipment which accurately take into account the individual characteristics of your company, you need to fill in the questionnaire. Consultation technician on the selection of exhaust systems can be obtained by calling (067) 58-58-036.

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