Company SYMAGA, Spain


Company SYMAGA was sozdanav 1985 a group of experts, as a company whose main activity is the manufacture of containers for storage of grain and equipment for animal husbandry. In those years, as compared with the current situation, the volume of production has been significantly limited. For example, while for the production of a farm silo it had to 5 days, and work was carried out almost manually. Today, one day the company produces 100 Silo and in the company's ownership base is completely automated machine that allows to produce high quality products at reasonable prices.

In the first years of its existence, SYMAGA products sold only in Spain, and since 1988 has started to work with other countries (first from Europe and Latin America, and then all over the world). Because SYMAGA is located in the center of the most extensive wine-vinodelskoy region of Spain, in 1999, the company started to develop its agricultural production line, starting to produce and support equipment for viticulture. Given the wide range of products in 2002, SYMAGA has decided to allocate four separate but interconnected production lines: Symasil , Symagan , Symagri and Symaind . This enables customers to more easily determine the product selection and select the desired area of ??production.

Currently, SYMAGA is located on a plot of 300,000 m 2 and features an indoor room with an area of ??30 000 m 2 for the production and storage of products . SYMAGA is able to process up to 50 000 tons of steel per year, and the company's products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world.


Areas of activity of the company SYMAGA


1. Symasil engaged in the production of containers (silos and silo-hoppers) for storage of grain and flour, the capacity of which ranges from 30 to 12 000 tonnes. Symaga started with this trend, and over time has become a world leader for the production of metal containers for the storage of grains and oilseeds. Product quality guarantee more than 20 years of experience in this field of industry. Use in the production of advanced technology together with the experience of the employees of the technical department of the company allows in the shortest possible time to provide comprehensive solutions for the storage of grain. Conducting quality control material used for the production, starting from the obtained raw materials and during all phases of production, to guarantee quality of work.

2. Symagan engaged in the production, sale, installation and installation of equipment for livestock and poultry. Fully equipped manufacturing facilities to service customers, whatever their needs. Given the increasing need for livestock producers comply with the new European regulations on the creation of favorable conditions for the animals, Symagan helps breeders to modernize the old installation. It also offers solutions for new facilities for the breeding of pigs, poultry, cattle and small cattle and other types of livestock facilities.

3. Symagri engaged in the production of products for the agriculture, specialized in growing poles, water tanks, etc. All products company produces tailored to the needs of customers. It is developed by the department of research, development and innovation, and then passes control of the technical department and then is made of high quality materials. All products are quality assurance and should stand the test of strength and resistance to corrosion.

3. Symaind is engaged in the manufacture, sale and montazhomm metal profiles of different types , edging elements and special parts. The company has one of the most modern factories in Europe stalepererabatyvayuschih. Machining can process steel framework for any customer needs. Longitudinal and transverse cutting, bending beams and sheet metal punching, storage, laser processing, turning and injection plastic - here is a small list of the works that may make our modern machine technology.


Company values Symaga


Lidersstvo: daily work SYMAGA aimed at maintaining the leading position in the industry.

Sustainable development: activities SYMAGA is focused on creating a large multinational company focused on the culture of growth and reinvestment.

Research, development and innovation (R + D + I): SYMAGA different desire for research, development and innovation, which is reflected in the annual large-scale investment in these areas.

Quality: SYMAGA always guarantee the quality of their products, which is confirmed by international certificate UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008.

Warranty: use of high quality raw materials, together with a modern production process pozvvolyaet offer a longer warranty on all products.

Experience: more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

The relationship with customers and suppliers: the seriousness, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of management are values ??that SYMAGA is trying to pass on to their customers and suppliers.

Dedicated proffesionaly: staff SYMAGA - are highly skilled professionals, characterized by a high capacity for work, motivation and commitment that they undertake against the company.