SiloMaster grain storage silos

SiloMaster is formed by a team of professionals with an extensive experience in the sector of storage in steel silos. The main team has been developing its experience over the years in different companies in the sector, and has an accumulated experience of over 50 years, both in commercial support, technical development and project management. 

The commercial activity of our team during all these years has been focused mainly on the development of commercial networks through distributors, resellers, engineering and machinery manufacturers, with special emphasis on a professional technical support and the most rigorous respect for the channel of sales.
The experience of SiloMaster covers numerous geographical and sectorial markets, each with its own particularities and requirements. From Europe, Latin America, CIS, Africa to the Middle East and in sectors as different as malting, brewing, rice, biomass, feed, cereal trading, milling and agriculture with its regional peculiarities. Working in all these diverse sectors and regions would not have been possible without a great effort to adapt to very different requirements, so flexibility is part of our reason for being and has been the basis for creating a business structure that is capable to meet the highest demands of our customers, both from the commercial, technical, manufacturing, project management, administration, documentation, logistics and after-sales service point of view.
The activity of SiloMaster is supported financially by one of the main industrial groups in Spain, a group with more than 80 years of existence and that has a production unit specialized in the design and manufacture of metallic components for highly technological sectors, such as automotive, offshore wind energy, oil & gas, rail and singular metal structures for different types of industries. These sectors are characterized by working under very strict standards and certifications, continuous manufacturing audits, compliance with delivery deadlines, modern internal management systems, process optimization, high packaging requirements, labelling, logistics, cargo documentation and strict controls, both the receipt of raw materials and the issue of the finished material.
This combination of technical-commercial experience and advanced manufacturing gives us the opportunity to apply those controls and procedures mentioned above to a very traditional sector such as bulk storage, with the idea of facilitating our customers their day to day commercial activity and helping them to cement their business success. With all this, SiloMaster has created a new range of silos, achieving a perfect balance between quality and cost. The use of first order materials together with an exclusive and innovative design, give our silos and accessories a resistance and durability difficult to overcome by other existing products in the market, without forgetting factors as important as the ease of assembly and of a lower logistic cost.
But we have not stayed there, but also, with the idea of offering an additional guarantee, we collaborate with independent technology centres of international reputation for the validation of our calculations and designs and for the creation of tools that speed up the response and support we give to our customers Another aspect that we have considered during the development of our products has been compliance with regulations, not only loads calculation (ANSI and EUROCODE) and structural design (EUROCODE), but also the most demanding European safety regulations that our customers will have to apply in their projects. Our production centre, in addition to having the ISO9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015 certification, also has certification in EN15085 2: 2007, EN1090-11: 2009 + A1: 2011, EN_ISO3834-2: 2005, as well as complying with the regulations OHSAS 18001, on health and safety at work.
The silos that SiloMaster provide, range from flat bottom with capacities of up to 20,000 tons with 32 meters in diameter and silos with metal hoppers up to 2,500 tons capacity and 13 meters in diameter. We also have a line of silos with smooth walls for complicated flow products. For the manufacture of all our silos we use only high strength S450 steel with Z600 galvanization.
In addition to the silos, our usual scope can include, but is not limited to:
- Complete aeration systems (fans, perforated floors, grain chillers).
- Temperature control systems (portable, on PC, Cloud Sytems, Co2 and humidity sensing).
- Unloading equipment (sweeper augers, paddle sweeps, augers, vibrating devices).
- Inventory management systems.
- Catwalks and walkways.
- Towers and structures (supporting columns, work towers, structures for loading silos of trucks / trains, ...).
- Structural calculations reports.
- Steel manufacturing according customers drawings.
- Inspections and maintenance of silos and silo plants.
Our catwalks system is modular to be able to adapt to all types of conveyor loads and to any design of the plant.
All our accessories are evaluated and certified according to our ISO quality system and we offer the option to supply ATEX versions on most equipments.
Always looking to improve our services we keep an eye on market developments, seeking and offering innovations around grain management, maintenance and silo plant operations. We hope to have our show and training rooms ready for our partners in a short period of time.
Our team stays at your disposal if you should require any additional information.


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