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Collector corncobs

The company "CCC" offers unique solutions for farmers, growing crops, and enterprises involved in their processing. Our design bureau developed a fundamentally new collector corncobs, providing increased efficiency of harvesting, reduced costs and reduced labor costs.

Corn Harvester from "CCC" - a trailed machine for agricultural machines, designed for the mechanization of the work of farmers and large agricultural enterprises. It consists of several components that perform all the operations of collection and treatment of corncobs:

  • header without damage separates the cobs from the stalks;
  • peeling device with the cleaning rollers gently cleanses corn;
  • mill grinds leafy mass;
  • conveyor belt moves the ears into a hopper or unloads stored agricultural products in the trailer.

Collectors corncobs, manufactured by "CCC", stand out among the few analogues from other manufacturers a unique combination of affordable cost, reliability and high efficiency.

High performance. The use of the corn technology, developed by our specialists ensures multiple increase the effectiveness of cleaning works.

The compact size. The design and dimensions of trailers allow the installation to maneuver freely on agricultural land and access roads. Low price. Due to the cost of the technology available to manufacture the company's "CCC", even small agricultural enterprises and private entrepreneurs, farmers can buy corn harvesters.

In our equipment embodies the best technical solutions to ensure trouble-free operation of equipment. Most warranty harvesters for the collection and purification of corn plus a full after-sales service will ensure that investments in the purchase of collector corncobs, will "recapture" in the shortest possible time by increasing the rate of harvesting, the minimum cost of a combine operation and long machine life. To receive additional information about the features and benefits of the corn harvester or book collector cobs, call (067) 58-58-036.

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